This post is only for the open minded people that don’t have problems with the things I say

- osen’s jype statement

if it’s not summer, then it shouldn’t be this month or august (aka summer months).  in september suzy is “supposed” to start shooting her movie (and 2pm is supposedly coming back). so what happens then? not in the summer, promoting while suzy is shooting could be done, maybe(???), but it would be too troublesome for everyone and so~ tiring for suzy too. depending on how long filming takes, what would be left is the end of 2014 or…. next year……………. ?

crazy………… outrageous………….

- “suzy dc said miss A’s comeback is confirmed for august”


the post on suzy dc wasn’t even about miss A’s comeback it was a reminder of the money deposit for suzy dc’s jyp nation concert support (last day to deposit july 20 btw). the poster wrote the title "[breaking news] girl group, miss A August comeback confirmed (article)" but there was no article, it was done simply to get everyone’s attention and well.. it did. 

- “min said miss A’s comeback is in the summer”

min said that while recording k-style back in may, lots of time for everything to completely change.

members kept apologizing on miss A’s 4th anniversary, could this delay have been one of the reasons too?

- some of the many examples of how things completely change

last year, miss A was supposed to comeback in october. their comeback was delayed a bit for sunmi. sunmi? yes. before miss A started to work on ‘hush’, sunmi had already recorded the ‘full moon’ mini, which was released in february of this year, 4 months after it was supposed to.

in 2011, miss A was supposed to come back at the end of may, with min quitting the pilot of ‘immortal song’ for it. suddenly, just a week before release, it was delayed. 1st because of outfit problems (said min in interviews later) and then again because of 2pm’s comeback. miss A came back in mid-july, 1 month and a half after the original plan.

2012 2pm comeback delay to 2013 after nichkhun’s accident.

2014 2pm comeback (supposedly in april said wooyoung) delayed because of the sewol ferry accident and then because of got7 (+ 2pm members individual activities). now supposedly in september (said jun.k), 5 months after.

- my advice: never take too much to heart miss A’s “soon”, believe when there’s actually a teaser in front of you.  

in summer of 2012, they were already saying “soon” but their comeback release was in october 15th. was there a delay? yes, but only of 1 week. it was supposed to be on the 8th but delayed a week for 15&’s debut. when they said “soon” they already knew the “plans” were for october. is 3-4 months soon?

in summer of last year, suzy mentioned in an interview a new album in the works. their comeback was in november and in comeback interviews they admitted their preparations were rushed (done within a month). when suzy said what she said, there were the “plans” but the actual preparations.. maybe….. not?

and when it comes to jype “plans”, only take them as that.. “plans”. some will happen, others will get modified and some don’t happen at all. 

miss A comeback, later this year or next year, no summer comeback

direct translations of miss A related paragraphs:

     If it goes on like this, over 90% of popular girl groups will be coming out. Initially, miss A was also planning on making a comeback this summer, but it was delayed along with 2PM’s comeback postponement from the Sewol ferry situation.

     Only miss A won’t be in this summer’s girl group war. A source from JYPE stated, “With the change in 2PM’s comeback schedule, miss A’s was also adjusted. It looks like they will have a comeback in the second half of this year or early next year.”

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courtesy of my friend pouetlepoulpe

courtesy of my friend pouetlepoulpe

courtesy of my friend pouetlepoulpe

courtesy of my friend pouetlepoulpe